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Upgrade from EBP 4.0 to SRM 5.0

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Hi y'all,

We are thinking about upgrading from our current EBP 4.0 to SRM 5.0. We are only using EBP for the self-service procurement scenario - with a classic integration towards two different R/3 4.6C systems. We have no internal catalogs and it is very much a standard set-up

Has anyone had some <b>experiences to share?</b>

Will it be a "large" or a "small" upgrade?

Are there any watchouts or learnings?

Many thanks in advance


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Thyge,

In fact there has been deep technical changes between EBP 4.0 and SRM Server 5.5.

- ITS is now integrated in the WAS 6.40 kernell (no additional ITS server needed)

- Catalog is now CCM, which is an addon of the WAS 6.40

- IPC is now integrated in the WAS 6.40

If you use only self service proc. in classic mode the upgrade is "small", but if you think upgrading that should mean you want to use new features, if you want help, explain your goals with this upgrade.



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Main objective of upgrading will be "be prepared". Currently we do not have many users - about 20 - but we are adding a number of suppliers to the EBP, and therefore we are contemplating upgrading before doing this. As is, the new features have no benefit for us; but nevertheless they are nice-to-have.

Anyone else with experiences?

Or anyone who will recommend that we WAIT?! Next version of SRM will (like always) contain even more functionality...

Thank you again

- Thyge

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hello Thyge,

you are running on EBP 4.0, i.e. SRM 3.0: Extension of mainstream maintenance was extended from end of June 2006 to end of December 2006, at no extra fee.

Requisite 4.0 will be supported to end of December 2006 (refer to SAP Note 485884 for detailed information on Requisite).

That means that, excpet if you go in a custom support contract with SAP, your system will not be supported at end of 2006.

So you must "be prepared" and do this upgrade in 2006 !!!

If you don't use new features, have only 20 users, and a nearly standard SRM, you upgrade efforts will be really light:

- technical upgrade (attention: new Oracle version required) Unicode version ?

- nearly no custom dev alignement

- light re-training

The main workload would be the migration from Requisite to SAP CCM 2.0 (if you choose this option), depending on your actual content management strategy.

I think a 3 months upgrade project will be the correct duration for you.



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