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Unexpected email sent by WF-BATCH

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Hi All,

We schedule a background job with program 'RSWUWFMLEC' to send SC approval request to approvers. But we do not enable offline approval. The mail sent to approvers is just for notification. Approvers still need to log on the system to approve SC. And this function works fine.

Below is the email content:


1. The Following Requires Processing:

Approve shopping cart of CA_REQ1 CA_REQ1 with value 12,544.00 CAD

Use the Following Link to log on to the System and Carry out the Approval Online:

Log on

2. Overview of Shopping Cart No. 0010002319, CA_REQ1 06-27-2008 05:58

Description Product Quantity Unit Requested Delivery Date Price Currncy Per

11223344 112 EA 2008-06-27 112.00 CAD 1 EA


But we will receive another unexpected email sent by WF-BATCH. We don't know which program sends this email and at which moment this unexpected email will be sent out?

Below is the unexpected email sent by WF-BATCH, very simple email


Your shopping cart has been ordered from the vendor.

You can view the document directly. Choose the following link :



Is there any expert who can tell me which program sends this email and at which moment this unexpected email will be sent out? Thank you very much.


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Do you have any alert management configurations in place?

Check you config in the following places :

1) T code : ALRTCATDEF --> SRM Alerts --> Alert category --> SRM_PO ( Alerts for Purchase Order)

2) SPRO --> Cross appln basic settings --> Event and event schema for alert management --> Define event schema --> Select your business object BUS2121 and BUS2201. Look for event schema PO and SC what are all the what are all the events.

If you are not having this as active then,

1) Check your approval workflow for the shopping cart thru a WF consultant which sends this notification

Find out the time when this message was sent and look for all the active jobs during that time in your system again.

Best regards,