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Tools to upload data into SRM 7.0 with webdynpro for ABAP

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Webdynpro for abap is used in SRM70.

I need to load data in SRM70 (product category...).

ECATT is not working with web dynpro for abap.

What other tools can i use to load data in SRM70 ? LSMW ?

I would like to avoid to create a Z program to load data into SRM70...


Kind regards,


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Hello Yann.

welcome . we read your wonderful threads and they are useful to coomunity forever.

I am not aware much.

Product category is a permanent data right . i think we may not frequently change the data right.

Does your business want very frequent update on product category?

I believe if we make frequent changes/modify of data we may use LSMW .

i think your zprogram is a best method to upload the product category.

As you aware we can not change the product category as per standard.For eg. If i create a local product category /hierarchy .Even i can not rename them.

category/hierarchy creation are one time activity in SRM.

please correct me.



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Hi Muthu,

i do not want to change data.

I want to upload data to initialize the system.

Kind regards,