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Tips required for Smooth Migration of SAP Sourcing Application

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Hi All,

I am working as System Admin for SAP Souring Sytem. Currently our SAP Sourcing application is Hosted on SAP Hosting service. Now we are moving the SAP Sourcing application to an another Hosting environment provided by Secure-24.

Since I'm very new to this role, I would request suggestion/advises, precautions to be taken while the migrating the application to a new enviroment.

During our Kick-ff call, Engineers from Secure-24 have asked me about custom jar files, which I'm not aware. but we have customized certain features in the application through Scripting, I'm not sure whether he is talking about that, if not how to handle custom scripts during migration.

I would request all of you to provide your valuable inputs, suggestion to smooth migration. Please do let me know for any additional information if required.

Thanking you inadvance.


Ashoka Ganji

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Mostly you'll have to keep a close contact on effects of architectural changes:

  • User store
    • SAP Hosting uses LDAP and if you switch to UME you'll have to setup:
      • align user policy with existing LDAP users (max username length)
      • general password policy
      • password reset option (+setup SMTP and config in NW)
      • NW login page has different appearance and might need adjusting
  • Contract generation server
    • SAP Hosting uses standalone server; cost-efficiency will dictate to use integrated server
      • make sure SAP Hosting executes the transition to integrated server (docx) before migration; in our case they 'forgot' .
      • integrated server significantly slower in our tests
  • Cluster config and public DNS address switch (if application is public)
    • Preparation of static page for SAP Hosting address (will be used to redirect users in case they have bookmarks of SAP address)
  • DB side
    • make sure DB is installed with exact same options as on SAP side

For the data itself it's just a dump-import, and that should not pose any types of issues.



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Your team at Secure 24 is well versed in the application. The question about custom jars is valid as they would need to be reviewed and supplied as part of the migration.  You should be able to file a support message asking if there are any custom jars in the deployment of your system. This is possible but not common.  If they were to exist it would have been for some custom development in java to add functionailty to the system. This is not the same as scripts.  Scripts are custom java beanshell scripts that are supported nataively within the application.  All ypou need to do is determine if they exist. Your hosting partner will determine how to deal with these at migration time.


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Thanks a Lot Gary for your Quick Response.