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The PR was set back to composing because ship to of item 2 is different from that in user interface

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A requester belongs to company code 4760. She needs to create PRs for bothe company code 4760 and 5212.

Step 1 She created PR3661 with two lines under company code 4760 and submitted it.

Step 2 Later on, she withdrew the PR and editted the PR for company code 5212 and submitted it.

Step 3 After the PR was fully approved, PR3661-V2 was generated and was in Composing status with the error message:

Error Message = No postings can be made to profit center 2400015212 in company code 4760.

In the payload, the ship to of item 2 was still 4760-001 while the ship to of item 2 was SDTL in user interface.

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Hope you are doing well. ERP push error is specific to your ERP system. In order to understand the error message, I would suggest to please check with ERP team and if the ERP push error was caused by any of the field value send in the payload, then please create a servicenow case and we can help checking it further.