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Tax code error for multiple company code with different countries

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We have 2 company codes 1000 and 2000.

Company code 1000 follows US tax procedure and 2000 follows tax australia procedure.

The back end settings(R/3) for taxes are fine and working properly.

When i create shopping cart for company codes 1000 and 2000,seperately it works fine.

ie,if i create SC with multiple line item for single company code(either 1000 or 2000),the tax calculation are happening correctly and back end documents are created.

When i create single shopping cart with multiple company codes,The taxes are not calculated and get the error message tax code"xx" not exists in tax procedure"tax**"

ie,Sc with one line item with company code 1000 and second line item with 2000.The second line item tax code is not recognized by the EBP system.

I have made the following settings at EBP.

1.R/3 tax calculation occurs at back end.

2.Tax code entry made

3.Tax code determination for product category/country maintained (for both the countries)

even if i remove the settings for"determine tax code for countries/product category",the same error message is coming.

Has anyone faced a similar problem.



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Answers (2)

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Have read through the different threads.But was not able to get a soln.

The error "tax code"xx" not exists in tax procedure"tax**" is still there.

Has anyone faced this error previously??

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Hi there.

I have the exact same error text - Tax code xx does not exist in tax procedure. How can we solve this?


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<u>SPRO Path - hope this will help you in customizing </u>


SRM Server -> Cross-Appl Basic settings -> Tax Calculation ->Determine Tax Code for Country/Product Category.


SRM Server -> Cross-Appl Basic settings -> Transaction Tax engine -> Define Tax Settings .

<b>Please go through the links below -></b>


- Atul