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System time zone and User time zone is differenct.

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Hello friends.

We use SRM 5.5 with classic scenario. (SP07)

Our system time zone is CET.

Now if we have a user different with a different time zone in the user master, for example, a UTC+9.

We can end with up with a received date in service BBPBWSP_SIMPLE that is before the created on date in the shopping cart.

A shopping cart is created at 2006.05.10 but the received date in Approval says 2006.05.09.

So approver can be confused the requested date.

Is this standard bugs or standard design?

How can we change the received date with user Time Zone?

Thank you,

Best Regards,


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Dear Experts,

i am facing a similar question in SRM 7.0.

In the STZAC, resp. in the TTZCU, the system time zone and the users default time zone are UTC.

In the SU01, the field for Personal time zone of the user is empty. Is that correct to assume, that in case the field is empty in SU01, than the default settings from TTZCU (users default time zone) are taken?

My actual question is, whether it is possible to have the following setting working:

- give the time zone "CET" in SU01 for Personal Time Zone and than get the CET timing in the portal and also in the e-mails (those, that are being sent e.g. to approvers)?

Thank you very much.

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As far as I know, if you do not populate the field "of the user" in SU01, system takes the pattern timezone, which is UTC, to display to the end user in web gui.

I did the following test:

- I created a RFX with a user who's timezone (in tx SU01) is set as:

Sys. Time Zone CET

of the User INDIA

- CET time was 20:01:55

- GMT time was 18:01:55

- India time was 23:31:55

Looking at this RFX in BBP_PD I see the following:

Same user (India timezone and CET as "Sys. Time Zone"):

Created_At: 20:01:55

Changed_at: 20:01:55


Created at: 18:01:55

Changed at: 18:01:55

RFX header (description): 23:31:55

So, if you want to populate the header document in WEB GUI with another time zone than UTC, you have to use the field "of the user", under Personal Time Zone. However, if you want to display the UTC time zone in header documents in web gui, you can leave this field empty.

Kind regards


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Hi SH,

ask the Basis / Admin team to synchronize server time. This is a core IT task

and has nothing to do with your settings / customizing in SRM.

There is a central instance in every landscape with the central time all other

server syncronizing to. Putting the SRM Server in sync with the central server

time will solve the issue.



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Hi SH,

Please check OSS note 1015628. I am not sure about it whether it will resolve your issue. In my case, it resolved issue while sending emails in SCOT because of user time zone and system time zone are difference.

Please check after implementation of it.


Rahul Mandale

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Thank you for your reply.

SAP AGS said that This is standard behavior

Regardless of timezones, all dates are stored in the system database with a single timezone,

But approver has the UTC+9 time zone.

I think that received date should be UTC+9..

If this is a standard logic, is there any BADI to change the date and time with user's time zone?

Thank you,

Best Regards,


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We solve this issue.

We can apply note 1039454.