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SUS MM POR (Purchase Order Response) Workflow

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I am trying to configure MM-SUS(Plan Driven Procurement) scenario with SRM 5.5 and EEC 6.0. XI is set up. There is no SRM. It only ECC and SUS.


1- PO is created in ECC, transmitted to SUS.

2- On SUS Supplier logs on and processes PO

Problem-1: Supplier has to confirm twice before PO shows status Confirmed

POR is transmitted on first attempt and PO acknowledgement is shown in po in ECC.


Where is the POR approval workflow, purchaser needs to approve this POR, I am not able to find or trigger any workflow for this POR.

Is this workflow in SUS or it is in ECC.

I have looked at the starting conditions for BUS2232, no starting conditions.

For BUS2209, there are starting conditions, is this the pertinent business object.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and points will be awarded for relevant response.

Hope to hear from you all using POR approval workflow in MM-SUS scenario.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Kim

Have you find the solution to this issue??

I only need an approval step before transfer the POR to ECC



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For SUS PO confirmation there is no standard WF's available but POR in SRM is available. WS14500017 and WS145000007. Plus WS14500019.

Regards, IA