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SUS BP change error: No vendor data update is required

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We are using MM-SUS scenario with SRM5.0 (SP 13), PI7.0 and R/3 4.7c. I am getting error "No vendor data update is required" when trying to change the BP data from "Comapny data" scetion on SUS portal. The reason for this error is same email address maintained for multiple BPs. Now i have maintained the unique email addresses for each BP but still the same erro is coming. I have done following analysis on Development and Production system and the results are different in terms of the result shown by FM BAPI_BUPA_SEARCH which is checking uniqueness of email address.

In Dev when i maintain same email address in vendor master (BP 204) and user (BP 205) then the result of FM is:


204 4B5F6C356F6701E8E10080000A640058 1

205 4B666289BF9E01E7E10080000A640058 2

Here Address GUID is different and Address type is 1 (Organisation) for vendor master and 2 (person) for user. The email address of the user is changed through "Own data" section of SUS portal. After making the unique email the error is no more there when changing the BP data from portal "Company data" section.

In Production when same email was maintained in vendor master (BP 25) and user (BP 41) then the result of FM is:


25 4B554812356B016DE10080000AB41E09 1

41 4B554812356B016DE10080000AB41E09 3 25

41 4B56DC65025C00C4E10080000AB41E09 2

As a difference to development, here there are 3 entries. The additional entry has the same Address GUID of vendor master and the address type is 3 (Contact person). This additional entry is the basic cause of the problem beacuse of which inspite of maintaining unique email address the error is still coming.

Can anyone provide some guidance.

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You must be reading this thread for the subject error.

At my client place we implemented SRM 5.0 MM-SUS scenario. I reported this issue to SAP and they have released OSS Note 1467851 which will resolve this error message.

The error message actually does not give the right info. The issue was happening because when supplier tries to change BP data is changed through portal section "Company data" system execute a email uniqueness check FM BAPI_BUPA_SEARCH and it used used to compare the email of vendor user with vendor master.

Now SAP has changed the logic to check between email of vendor masters instead of Vendor user and vendor master.

This note is valid for non EBP scenario.