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Suggestions about forums

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Hello there,

i am not sure whats the current state in improving the SDN forums, but as i consider the forums as the most important area whithin SDN, there should be some improvement fast, to keep the community alive and growing.

The forums actually don't make as much "fun" as other common forums on the web. Here are my suggestions:

- I can't open a topic in a new window. instead i always see the list of topics in the new window. that would be a very important feature.

- in the list of topics the topics are not showing up in full length - instead you cut some part from the middle. i would appreciate if you wouldn't cut out anything, but allow only as many letters as you can display.

- the forum settings like "topics per page" are not saved and have to be setted each time entering the forum (we had this before)

- The forum name doesn't apper anywhere so i dont know where i actually am. (we had this before)

thanks for your great work with SDN,


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Hi Stefan,

How timely. We just solved the forum name problem. One down, three to go.

Your first point, I am not sure if I understand correctly, you would like to have a new page to open every time you select a forum post? Or do you want to have the choice to either open the post in a new window or in the same window.

Point two we get mixed feedback, often the last couple of characters are the most important ones.

With "topics per page" you are running in open doors, we are working on this one.

Thanks for the feedback, Mark.