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Standalone SRM installation

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I am trying to install a standalone SRM 5.0 SR2 IDES server with no R/3 ( SAP). I think i have downloaded the necessary softwares and while installing it is asking me to put "solution manager key". Is it nessary to install Solution Manager even for IDES setup? if yes, what the softwares should be downloaded for the basic installation.

What other things would be required to setup standalone IDES SRM 5.0 SR2 server?Can i install the SRM IDES server on the same machine with SM 4.0?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi ,

from srm 5.0 , solution manager replaces business scenario configuration guides

which are delivered with SRM shipments.

it contains IMG activities and transactions as well as documentation and refernces.

I have seen from the master guide of SRM 5.0 , use of solution manager is mandatory for SRM 5.0 , and also you have to enter Key when you install SRM Server 5.5

For more details , please see page number 15 of the master guide for SRM 5.0 which exculsivey deals with solution manager for SRM 5.0

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