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SRM MDM Catalog Multiple Imgae (field) display in UI

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Hi MDMers,

I have configured the SRM-MDM Catalog and I had done Import data, mapping data, OCI, SRM call structure and UI settings. Everything works fine when we call the Catalog in SRM.

My SRM -MDM Catalog needs certain custom fields which should hold some Button indicator for item classification (Red, Amber, and Green)

Already we used MDMSRM_IMAGE field to have pictures of Item and mapped in Display view in UI manager.

I tried one more custom field for the Image to hold this buttons (.gif file) but unfortunately it is not bringing the indictor images, just place holder is exist without indicator image.

Could you please help me and give some work around solution to bring that Button Indicator in My Catalog view for each item.

Please light up something on TEXT HTML, TEXT BLOCK, HYPERLINK and mime type

Is it possible to have the .gif Image by using above functionality? If so please guide mates.



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Hi Edwin,

currently you cannot have more then one image field on the search UI. But you can have more Hyperlink fields! So you have to use the Hyperlink Rendered to show the images on the search UI.

I hope this helps.




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Hi Tamas,

Thanks to your 3exact answer.

To enable hyperlink in my Main table, I might have do qualified table first. Can u guide me how to proceed on that? Since I am struggling to get that Hyperlink in main table field.



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Hi Tam,

I have tried to set up hyperlink for my images in SRM-MDM catalog.But no luck.

1. My MIME Type is GIF.

2. My url is

The URL path contains my Images file like GREEN.GIF and RED.GIF

Where I have to display the 2 images according to the catalog Item.

As per forum discussion I tried the steps.

I declared the MIME Type & Hyperlink type (rendered) in Look up table.

I have mapped the fields in Catalog item table for MIME Type<hyper link> & URL<hyper Link> and Hyper Link.

The data is just replicating in DATA manager, but not displaying in UI as image.

Please can you help me to sort it out?

Just explain me how to enable the Hyperlink field to line item.

The steps to import thre Mime type/hyperlinku2026look up table and Qualified table.