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SRM MDM catalog are displaying images as X

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HI all,

We are trying to add images to the catalog. The Images are displaying as X at the UI.
We read all relevant questions here and set the system according to the guides, and we did not solve this issue.
Dose anyone have a clue to how to solve this issue?


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Hi Yaron,

Are you using hyperlinks for the images or do you store the pictures in the repository?

In case of hyperlinks you have to check whether you have access to the images from the computer where you try to reach the catalog. Try to open it with the direct link what you added to the repository.

You can also try a parameter servleturl in the call structure. It has the same value as the the catalog URL and it is used when having issues with catalog images. See SAP Notes 1532055 and 1723534.

Maybe the wiki page can also help.

Best regards,