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SRM Contract Replication ot backend

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- I have implemented below two badis, but I am not getting results. Below is how the badi is called for Contracts.

BBP_DETERMINE_LOGSYS - Called on Create button, not on Release button

BBP_CTR_BE_CREATE - Not called on Create neither Release

- Also the BADIs are not called for Edit and Release.

- it shud be based on some data right, first of all we dont have data then how can we determine the logical system and

- secondly, even if we do, it could be over written later since the BADI is not called on Relaese action...

- its not supposed to have any data then why does it have items table first method

- The first method DETERMINE_LOGSYS (probably meant for shopping cart) is called for Contracts, second method

CONTRACT_LOGSYS_DETERMINE is not called at all.

Please help me to understand the above points and give any sample implementation coding and details if possible.

thank you in advance.


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Answers (2)

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My question was that, I put a debugger on these BADIs and I found them getting called upon the click of create contract button, even before I enter any data for the contract creation.

how do these badis work without any contract data? on what basis could we determine logical system we don't have any document data that point in time?

However, please consider.............

now my question has changed to the following

I followed this wiki blog

I created the contract and then called BBP_PD_CTR_TRANSFER , put the contract guid and then debugged. I followed all the steps. It called BBP_SAPXML1_CTR_REPLICATION and the XML was created. However,

I cannot see the response XML back from my backend system. My backend system is S4. This XML is not seen in the S4 at all. how do I track it ? What is 'ESA Area' ?



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Dear Bhakti,

BAdI BBP_DETERMINE_LOGSYS is to determine the logical system, when the contract is created from SC of Rfx. For more information, please refer to Wiki page

BAdI BBP_CTR_BE_CREATE is for creating the Contract in ECC system (for example during distribution).

For what purpose do you search for BAdI?

Best Regards,

Daniel Marlen