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SRM:Approver list should autorefresh

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Hi All,

I have one issue where Auto refresh should operate.

A shopping cart is created on July1st where there are 5 approvers in that 1 Buyer,1 FA and 3 are managers.

If the first manager Limit value is increased to maximum in a Ztable(where the Limit value is maintained)on July 5th...the remaining 2 managers should not come(since approval limit will be satisfied with the first manager level).what needs to be done..Is it possible?

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More Info on the actual Issue:


When a Shopping cart is created Approvers will get listed.Based on the screenshot there are 5 approvers. Currently it is a standard screen  that is getting displayed.

1.Now the Buyer and the FA has approved the workitem.

2.It is in Manager1 for approval.

3.Now manager1 changes the approval limit to maximum in a customized table.Such that there is no necessity for manager 2 and manger3.

4.At this time when they reopen the shopping cart only Buyer,Fa and manger1 should get listed.

Note: Whenever any changes at approval limit(Ztable) the aprrovers list should get refreshed automatically.

Not sure whether I have to make changes at the below levels:

During Implementation at each level an enhancement was created to get the approver names only




Also Restart WF class also used /SAPSRM/IF_EX_WF_PROC_RESTART~VALIDATE_RESTART when changes are done at shopping cart.

Existing Screen:

Expected: Only Manager 1 should be listed after changing the Limit amount.