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SRM 713 Classic Scenario - PO Not generated in Back end system

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Hi All,

For material and Free text Shopping cart - even after providing Account assignment , Source of supply - Fixed vendor partner function 19, SC Item having price and quantity, still in the back end system it creates a PR instead of PO.

My SRM system Version:


My ECC system Version:

SAP_ABA7400006SAPKA74006Cross-Application Component
SAP_APPL6170004SAPKH61704Logistics and Accounting

I have done following config:

  1. Define objects in backend system's - Specified Purchase group value , maintained * in Category ID , Int proc is set to Always External procurement , Ext. Procurement is set to "Purchase order is item data complete, otherwise Purchase req"
  2. Define System Landscape - Defined ECC system as "ERP_3.0"
  3. Number ranges definition for SC, RQ and PO in SRM and ECC for PR and PO
  4. Document type attribute -BSA maintained in PPOMA_BBP for PR and PO both
  5. Table T160M in ECC has these entries :

Client Version  Area                   Message Message cat.

100    00       06                     334     W

  1. Entries in the SRM table BBP_FUNCTION_MAP are:

BUS2000113 CreateFromData                   ERP_3.0    B46B_CTR_CREATE

BUS2007    CreateFromData                   ERP_3.0    B45A_PMORDER_COMP_CREATE

BUS2017    CreateFromData                   ERP_3.0    B45A_GOODSMVT_CREATE

BUS2205    CreateFromData                   ERP_3.0    B40B_IV_CREATE

DOCUMENT   CreateFromData                   ERP_3.0    B46C_ATTACHMENT_CREATE

Still in the ECC system it always creates PR.

SC status is :


           Status         Description                    Inactiv

HEADER     I1015          Awaiting Approval              X

HEADER     I1021          Created

HEADER     I1038          Complete

HEADER     I1106          Shopping cart ordered

HEADER     I1129          Approved

0000000001 I1111          Item in Transfer Process       X

0000000001 I1113          Follow-on Document Created

Values in Table   BBP_PDBEI

BE_OBJECT_TYPE               BUS2105

BE_OBJECT_ID                 5000000013

Already checked:

  1. I have already checked OSS note : 1173815 , in BBP_INTERPRETE_DATA in the field lt_procurement_item[]-OBJ_TO_GEN value passed is always 2 u.e. purchase requisition.
  2. When i tried to forcefully change value of OBJ_TO_GEN to 3 in BADI BBP_TARGET_OBJECTS, in the ECC system PO gets generated successfully.

Can anyone tell me what could be the reason for PR getting created in ECC system?


Ashish Shah

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Answers (3)

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HI Ashish

As mentioned by Laurent check the link on how to debug . run the FM BBP_PD_SC_TRANSFER


Set a watchpoint on the fields 'requisition' and 'it_procurement_item[]-OBJ_TO_GEN', and check where and why are they filled/changed. The field lt_procurement_item[]-OBJ_TO_GEN defines the type of the follow-on document (where the 1=reservation, 2=purchase requisition, 3=purchase order). If there is a problem that PR is created instead of reservation, than you need to watch the field 'purchasing'.

Also you could add the below code in your badi and then try :

IF Your condition
  ls_item-pack_objtype = 'BUS2201'.   "PO
    CLEAR ls_item-pack_objtype.
    MODIFY ct_item FROM ls_item TRANSPORTING pack_objtype.




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Hi Vinita,

I have already written similar code in BADi and after this code PO gets created.

However as i understand as per standard SAP standard process , without even writing this code in BADI PO should get created if the all the mandatory fields are filled in Shopping cart like Source of supply , account assignment etc.

That means without writing the code in this BADI the PO should get created in the ECC system.

Am i right?


Ashish Shah

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Hi Ashish,

I also upgraded to SRM_SERVER 713 and PO is not getting created even if SC approved successfully.

Have you got any reply from SAP or do you get any idea to fix the issue.



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Any suggestions anyone?

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did you check this wiki?

Determination of the follow-on document type

and even more this one:

Follow-on document determination (PR, PO,RS)



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Hey Laurent,

Saw both of these still no help

Raising OSS message now.


Ashish Shah