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SRM 7.0 Workflow notifications for Bids

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I am working with SRM 7.0 Workflow and have utilized the standard approval templates for SC, PO, RFx and Contracts (WS40000014). The approval process is working fine and I'm getting my tasks to the correct people, etc. but once the documents are completely approved, I am only triggering emails for shopping carts and contracts. No approval/ rejection emails are being sent for RFx or PO. I have performed the configuration the same way for all document types (Define recipients in SPRO, check mark next to approve/ reject) but no emails are being triggered from the event that is being raised from my workflow (APPROVAL_RESULT_NOTIFIC_NEW/ APPROVAL_PROCESS_DOC_APPROVED). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello Daniel!

Firstly I would recommend going through the SAP Wiki:

Check also if the requester user has a valid and unique email address in SU01, BP, and BP relationship. Sometimes the problem is occurring because in BP the mail address is missing.

If the problem still persists, you can quite fast debug the alerting based on the page:

This will tell you what exactly the problem is.

I hope I could help you with the problem 🙂

Best Regards


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Thanks, Zoltan!

I actually have the Bid approval email working now...sort of, it had been short dumping on a custom smartform used for the invitation to vendors. The strange thing is that only the subject line is coming through, no body. This is a standard sap task so I'm not sure why this is happening.

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Well, actually these are quite different functions:

When you are sending emails to the approvers about approval tasks, it is called offline approval. The configuration guide of the functionality can be found here:

Another functionality called Alerting is what I have mentioned previously. In this functionality when e.g: an approver rejects a document, an alerting email is sent to the requester. If there is a new alert task in the inbox of the manager, then this functionality is not available, only the previously mentioned offline approval can be used.

There is another email functionality where the bidders are invited, but that is different from the offline approval and alerting.

Maybe your problem has some relations with the BAdI: BBP_ALERTING. In some cases, this can interfere with the standard and trigger custom smart forms which are causing problems. It is recommended to deactivate them and see if the functionality is working fine without them.