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SRM 7.0: Delta material master data replication

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Hi guru,

I want to transfer material master data from ECC in SRM. I parametrized the sistems according the master guide. To initial upload I have to use R3AS transaction. My question is: how does works the delta replication? For example:

1) for changes to existing master data 

2) creation of new master data

the replication for both cases is automatically or I have to use the R3AS transaction.

Have you documentation about?


Best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As far as I know, whenver a material is changed or created, delta download should work.

It wouldn't be necessary to start a new download via R3AS.

Have a look at note 720819.

It has all the customizings needed. Usually, there is no bug or error in middleware.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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I second Ricardo, delta download should work with materials.

But in case; if material groups are altered it sometimes doesn't reflect in SRM. That time you should follow whole process(R3AS).


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Thanks at all!!!

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Hi ,

Maintenance of following entries in CRMRFCPAR table in R3 system is sufficient to update material master changes from R3 to SRM.

UserSRM User ( Que Name)
Object NameMaterial
DestinationSRM Logical system name
load type All load types
inqueue flagX
send XMLsend XML

Best Regards


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Ram answer is correct

CRMRFCPAR Table entry determines (load types)

so all the changes will be transfered to SRM via Queues.