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Sourcing Cockpit: Document still being processed in background

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Dear experts,

we are facing the following problem in SRM 5.0 extended classical szenario.

In transaction Sourcing Cockpit when I click on create PO I reach the "Sourcing - Document Preview" screen, where I can click on button "Process PO".

Everytime I click on button "Process PO" I get the error message "Document is still being processed in the background; try again later".

PO is created but in status HELD. I have to go to transaction "Process Purchase Order (BBP_POC)" in order to create PO so that status changes to ORDERED.

There are no entries in table BBP_WFLOCK.

Thanks in advance and best regards


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Answers (2)

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Did you ever figure out what the solution was for this? I am having this problem in my system as well.



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Check the following things

1) does this happen with all the requirements in the sourcing cockpit.

2) this sort of issues , come up when you logoff after adding requirement to the work area.

check wether there are any entries in the transaction 'SM12' for the user who is working with the sourcing cockpit?

if there any lock entries -> you can delete the lock entries and then work with the requirement,

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Thanks for your answer.

Regarding your points:

1) It happens in almost 95% of the cases but as per now we could not figure out a rule when it happens and when not.

2) yes, it happens also after logoff.

For the user that is working in sourcing cockpit, the following entries are in SM12:

100 USER1 14:06:36 X CRMD_ORDERADM_H 10047BDCB4F6CD52BF8E1000000AC1ABC35 1 0

100 USER1 14:06:36 E PRCD_HEAD 10047BDCDBE6CD52BF8E1000000AC1ABC35 1 1