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significance of set control parameters

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hi friends

what is the significance of set control parameters



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Thankyou Disha

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Disha small doubt

i think we can get the backend information using bbp_get_status_2 also

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Hi Krishna,

Yes, you are right. BBP_GET_STATUS_2 job retrieves new information from the back end system, for example, the purchase order number after it was converted from a purchase requisition.

The purpose of spool settings is to define the user for the spool job, the time that passes between two tries, and the maximum number of tries until the spool job is carried out.

I hope his clarifies your dooubts.



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Thanks Prashanth for resolving my problem

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Set Control Parameters

You only perform this step if you create Materials Management documents in the backend system.

You specify:

Information about the spooler

Information about the update frequency

Documents in the backend system are updated asychronously. You can only further process the requirement coverage request in the Enterprise Buyer system after the update has been made.

The system checks at set intervals whether the backend documents have been created. If so, the system updates the requirement coverage request. Then the requirement coverage request can be further processed. If not, the system checks after the next interval whether the documents have been posted.


You specify:

That the spooler should try to contact the backend system at ten-minute intervals

You enter the lead time in seconds

The system calculates the time until the next attempt as follows:

Time interval = lead time entered * square of the number of previous attempts

The backend user names that the system should use to start the retries

That the spooler should try to contact the backend system a maximum of ten times

Key Description Value



SPOOL_MAX_RETRY Number of tries 10