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Shopping Cart: "Error In Process" status ?

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Hi everybody,

Finally I can create and submit a shopping cart (describe requirement). Now, jusf after the approval (1-step approval) the SC'status is "Error in Process".

I would like to know how to debug this error in order to see the real cause ? or, somebody knows how to solve this specific error?

pd: Now I opened this thread, so I'll be able to give reward points.

I really appreciate your help, thanks !

Regards from Mexico,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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maybe it helps to open transaction BBP_PD. Just enter the SC no. as object_id.

Then you will get an overview about the document. Maybe you can see any error messages or wrong assignments.



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Hi Guys,

Well... after debugging BBP_REQREQ_TRANSFER (helped for an ABAP guy). I found that the error is caused by incorrect "Number ranges" & "Transaction Type" configuraiton.

I cant find enough info about it and my cookbook is too old. Could you share the correct config with me ?


>Supplier Relationship Management

>SRM Server

>Cross-Application Basic Settings

>Number Ranges

>SRM Server Number Ranges

1------> >Define Number Ranges for Shopping

Carts and Follow-on Documents

2------> >Define Number Ranges per Backend System

for Follow-on Documents

3------> >Define Transaction Types

And my big questions are:

- Both range numbers (SRM & R3) should be identical ?

- The range numbers should be different than the R3 Traditional ranges ?

Thanks for you help guys !!!!!!


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The problem was solved, it was a bad configuration with range numbers & transaction types.

Now the Purchase Requisition is created successfully in backend.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Diego,

If it is the last approval step, you can launch manually the FM that is called at the end of the workflow (BBP_REQREQ_TRANSFER, but check in your system on the last step of the WF, it may have changed in the latest version).