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Shopping Cart Issue - 0000000001 I1112 Error in transmission.

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Dear Friends,

while successfully replicated Purchase Requisition from ECC to Shopping cart in SRM system (SE38-BBP_EXTREQ_TRANSFER), I am getting an error with the Shopping Cart that got created in SRM. There is no PO created in SRM system or in the backend.

We are using extended classic scenario. This is the first test run for PDP senario.

GUID 005056A100B01EE19790B1394666E7A3

Object_ID 100000032

Object_Type BUS2121 EC Requirement Covera

Process_Type EXTR External Requirement


Version type Active Document

HEADER I1021 Created

HEADER I1038 Complete

HEADER I1106 Shopping cart ordered

HEADER I1129 Approved

0000000001 I1111 Item in Transfer Process X

0000000001 I1112 Error in transmission

I did not get any dump in ST22 either in ECC/SRM system. The RZ20 transaction has no entries.

I am new to SRM, any idea as to how to trigger a PO successfully will be helpful.


Arindam B.

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Answers (4)

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Hello All,

The issue is resolved now.

The following things were done so that the system works correctly -

1. Creating an entry channel

2. Assign user (that was used in the RFC connection) as a position under the entry channel.


Arindam Bhowmick

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Have a look at note 1480994. It provides usefull information related to this shopping cart status.



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Hello Ricardo,

I checked the SAP Note ...It refers to a Note 1233037, which is for some programme correction.

Hope this is a valid correction note. Wwe are working on SRM_SERVER 700.



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where do you want the PO to be created? in SRM or ECC? if PDP then you probably looking at creating a PO directly in ECC.

for that to happen you should either change the backend system of the SC to ECC in doc_change badi, or though config (define backend system for purchasing document).. are you doing that??

just take the GUID to BBP_PD_SC_TRANSFER and start debugging. you will find it.

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Dear Soumyaprakash,

I am trying to crate the PO in the local SRM system.

I tried running the BBP_PD_SC_TRANSFER in SE37, but the status of the Shop cart in BBP_PD does not change.

Anything else that I can try.



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Can you check the error in BBP_PD, click on Check Again in the Botton of the document.

you can also try to manually transfer it to know the error. go to BBP_PD, open the document and the command prompt type 'transfer' and press enter. It will go into debug mode and will try to transfer it. check the errors then...