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Shopping cart does not recuperate worklow

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Hello, my SRM uses the BADI n steps.

A SC has been created. No workflow has been recuperated but a worklow is defined for the Z tables.

The status of the SC is Awaiting approval and when i click on the 'Approval overview' of the line item, it shows an error message : 'No workflow started.Application error occured!' .

No PO has been generated.

Is this a standard problem?

Anyone encountered this before?

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Answers (1)

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I checked in BBP_PD and there is no task number assigned to the SC.This means that the workflow has not been launched for the SC.

1) I need to launch the workflow for this SC only.

2) Find the cause of this error.

Edited by: Antish Awootar on Apr 30, 2009 3:10 PM

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I've launched the transaction SWUE for the SC but it has given rise to another problem.

I have approvers : A , B , C and D in my ZAPPROVER tables.

Normally , i'd expect approvers A and B to appear in the approval workflow of the SC when i launched the SWUE transaction.

But approver A and the user who has created the SC appear in the workflow.How can i determine :

1) if the SC has been transferred to approver A's inbox(e.g through a transaction )?

2) the cause of the error?