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Shopping Cart Details from PO - Transaction BBPCF03

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Hi Ppl,

I have a requirement. I am implementing a BADI enhancement for the transaction BBPCF03. It has two options either to create Confirmations or Display.

I need to restrict the Confirmations based on the User id's.

( Create - Confirm Goods / services cenrally

Display - Display or Process Centrally ).

The issue lies here with the Display mode.

While in create mode, i am using the function module 'BBP_PD_OBJREL_READ_VIA_REF' to get the Reference Shoping Cart details from a PO number and its works fine.

But it fails to get details when in Display mode.

Two proposed solutions can be made.

1. Either to find out a FM which can get details for the specified PO Number for the display processing mode. For this, the issue remains is <b>what</b> FM needs to be used and <b>how</b> are we able to differentiate whether the user has chosen to Create or to Display.

2. To get a FM which can provide accurate details <b>irrespective</b> of the mode , either create or display chosen.

It would be really helpful , if any one, who have encountered this kind of issue earlier, or familiar with the transaction BBPCF03 can provide me some inputs at the earliest.

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Did you check in debug mode if in display you call the MF BBP_PD_OBJREL_READ_VIA_REF with a PO number ? perhaps you are trying to call the MF with a GR number and a PO BUS (2201 or 2011) insted of the PO number.



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Hi Bertrand,

while creating a confirmation, am Passing the PO along with the Object type( object type am getting from standard BADI input table i_pdlist_new ) and its processing fine to get me the Shopping Cart details. From your suggestion i have observed this, the FM will take only PO's of object type BUS2209(which is to create a confimation).

to Display an existing confirmation, the Object type associated is BUS2203 (or other i guess).

May be a Function Module that can provide out shopping cart details based on the PO Number and object type can resolve my issue.

any more inputs?

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You can query on the tables BBP_PDBEI,CRMD_ORDERADM_H and CRMD_ORDERADM_I to get all the details related to PO and SC if you dont find a Std FM.



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