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Shopping Cart approval process in SRM using Black Berry

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I am very new to SRM. Here the user wants the whole approval/rejection process of shopping cart should be done via the Black Berry.

When a shopping cart is created in SRM then automatically a mail should appear in this mail box(outlook or lotus) as well as in the black berry mail box, so from black berry the user will accept/reject the shopping cart.

What workflow should be used? for mailing to outlook as well as in the blackberry whether we should implement any BAdI and also for integrating SRM & black berry whether we require any plug-in or configuration to be done..

Please do the needful..

Thanks and Regards,

Chandra Sekhar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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pl. read this:

Mobile Enterprise Buyer


Users can log on to the Enterprise Buyer system using a WAP-enabled cellular phone or any other WAP-enabled front end. This allows them to perform many procurement tasks completely independently of any docking station. These mobile applications are part of the standard system setup for Enterprise Buyer.

Managers can approve shopping carts while on business trips far away from the office.

The start URL for the mobile scenarios is:


where <language> = de or <language> = en, for example.

The initial screen is displayed in the relevant language.


You can either use your own WAP gateway or you can use a WAP gateway service from a telecommunications provider. If you have your own gateway, you can position it behind your firewall. This means that communication is via a dialup line as far as the WAP gateway, that is, a secure connection going behind the firewall. Beyond this point, communication is via HTTP. If you are using a WAP gateway service, the dialup line stops outside your firewall with the less secure HTTP communication starting outside the firewall.

The graphic shows a standard configuration with a WAP gateway located behind the firewall.


You require the following:

WAP-enabled mobile device

WAP gateway

WML-enabled catalog that supports OCI

You have configured your Web server to handle the MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) types required for WAP. These are as follows:

File extension

MIME type











If you have your own Web server, you define the MIME types using the Web server's administration tools. In Microsoft IIS, you have to enter the types on the Properties page of your site on the tab card HTTP Headers. If you are not using your own Web server, inform the administrator or provider running the Web server.


The following functions are available:

Create new shopping cart

Users can:

Select catalogs using input help

View catalogs (by product group)

Search for products in catalogs (full text)

Display item details

Add items to shopping carts

Delete items from shopping carts

Change item quantities

Delete shopping carts

Order shopping carts

When a shopping cart is ordered, an order confirmation is displayed giving the shopping cart name and the total value of the shopping cart.

Status check

Users can:

Display overview of shopping carts (shopping cart name and status)

Display header data for shopping carts (for example, shopping cart name and date of last change)


Users can:

Display overview of work items (only shopping cart approval) and messages

Display detail view of messages (sender and full short text)

Display detail view of work items (full short text only)

Managers can approve or reject shopping carts

Managers can only approve or reject complete shopping carts. Approval and rejection at item level is not possible.


Managers can display the most recent purchase orders created for their cost center(s).

to get presentable doc mail me on



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Hi Dinesh Powale,

Thanks for the response.

Here in my case the user will not perform any SRM related activities using mobile device. He should just receive a mail in the black berry with the details of shopping cart when the shopping cart is ordered, from the black berry itself the approver should decide whether to approve/reject the shopping cart based on that the next approval process should follow.

I hope my requirement is clear .. for the above process also whether we should go for Mobile Enterprise Buyer or not..

Thanks and Regards,

Chandra Sekhar

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Hi Dinesh,

Thanks for the good information. can I get a document speaking abt balck berry approvals in SAP SRM.My email id is

Thanks in advance



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Hi Chandra,

I am going to be doing exactly the same thing.

Can you tell me whether you needed anything else installed or configured on the technical BASIS side to get the 'Approve' or 'Reject' working from the Blackberry?

I know we will need to use the outbound and inbound email configuration from SAPConnect, but is there anything else?

Did you need to set anything up from the 'Mobile procurement' part of SRM? I assume this is only needed when accessing SRM screens from hand helds..

Thanks a lot,

Nick McFetrich

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