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Service Masters Upload to CCM - ECC

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Hi All-

I have about 3 tricky questions concerning CCM-ECC Integration

1.) Does anybody have any idea on how to upload Material and Service master from ECC 6.0 directly into the CCM 2.0 system. Is there any standard program like we have in SRM called as BBP_CCM_TRANSFER_CATALOG. I

<b>Yes, Yann and other folks answered this question and said that it can be uploaded using transaction MECCM in ECC. I had a question around this....It looks like this transaction can upload the material purchasing data. I was wondering how could we upload service masters from ECC to CCM directly??</b>

2.) Also are there any complications or is it possble to integrate CCM 2.0 directly from ME51n? I am aware that PM and PS out-of-the-box can be directly integrated to CCM. Is there a similar way to achieve this functionality. If yes can anybody give me some pointers on this.

<b>Yann and Serguei helped me out earlier and i am a little comfortable with this part. In configuration SPRO->MM->Purchasing->Environment data->Web Services and Description. Here we can define the Call structure but i am unable to see the integrated call structure step similar to that is done in EBP? Also when i configure the OCI parameters here, does anybody have any idea on how Service Master items will be transferred in the outbound OCI call structure. Is this a standard behaviour or a customization effort is required to achieve the outbound call structure for service master items??</b>

<b>In EBP-CCM scenario the link to a catalog is defined in the attribute Catalog ID within the Org structure. Can you let me know from ECC how do we define the push button/Link on ME51n to enter the CCM system? Is this a standard config or a development work invlolved.</b>

3.) Are there any complications involved with uploading service masters and interfacing CCM to EBP or ECC and directly using the service master from CCM to create a Shopping cart (CCM-EBP) or a purchase requisition (CCM-ECC).

<b>I did not get any response on this question and i would appreciate it if someone could throw some light on complications involved with service master upload to CCM and download to ECC on ME51n.</b>

I hope some one can throw some light on these questions.

Suitable points will be rewarded for helpfull answers !!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Sundeep,

I have some inputs for you.

Check how much they help you.

1. AFAIK MECCM is used for downloading the contracts from ECC to CCM.

To download the material/service masters directly from ECC to CCM

we had considered one workaround in our ealier project.

SAP provides one chargeble addon - CATEXPORT. with this you can

convert the mastrers dierctly to CSVs which you can upload to CCM.

But finally we went to EBP route only i.e. ECC->EBP->CCM

2. I have tested this scenario and did not find any problem. But unfortunately

did not configure myself.

3. no idea.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Sundeep,

2- By default, the ECC call structure is an inframe one.

Service master can be retrieved from the catalogue as soon as service master have been maintained in ECC.

The catalog button in ME51N and ME21N is automatically displayed by the system as soon as you select the "default flag" in the ECC catalogue configuration point.

Be aware that ONLY ONE CATALOGUE can be displayed at a time in ME51N and ME21N (the default one)

This is a big difference with SRM !

3- Cannot answer for CCM upload as i did not use a SAP catalogue...

However Service download should not be a problem.

Kind regards,


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Thanks DInesh and Yann...Your answers definitely provided me some pointers. Appreciate your help !