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Service entry sheet mass upload / Replacement of ML81N / MM_PUR_SES_UPLOAD in S/4?

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we currently have the challenge of multiple local-to-local orders globally with hundreds of Service entry sheets. Our standard process was till now to book the service entry sheets via ML81N manually. Since the complexity and quantity of required service entry sheet bookings, this process is not possible manually anymore. By searching for an upload functionality, we only found an excel upload function via MM_PUR_SES_UPLOAD from the R/3 version, which is not working in our S/4HANA environment anymore.

Would you have any recommendations for us how to automate this process or at least find an app of new functionality to mass upload multiple service entry sheet via one upload file?

This would be very helpful.

Many thanks in advance,


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If you're using SES Lean Services, see link below for Excel upload functionality:

Example: Importing Service Entry Sheets from Microsoft Excel Files | SAP Help Portal

Otherwise, the t-code you mentioned is still available as Fiori application:

SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library (