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Savings and pipeline tracking add-on


I have a question about the "Savings & Pipeline Tracking" add-on , does it ressemble the "Spend analysis" solution ? in what form are the results of the analysis (Reports...) . And how can I add the "Savings & Pipeline Tracking" to my project.



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Hi Salma,

Savings & Pipeline Tracking add-on is an additional solution part of Ariba Strategic sourcing pack.

Savings & Pipeline is part of Indirect Spends and is a different solution than Ariba Strategic sourcing Spend analysis solution.

In terms of Savings management Ariba manages two solutions:

  1. Indirect spend thru Ariba strategic sourcing
  2. Direct spend thru Ariba supply chain.

Ariba Strategic sourcing Savings & Pipeline Tracking solution:

  • Part of Ariba sourcing projects
  • Ariba uses Savings form documents with SAP Ariba Sourcing to track savings and spend to measure the success of sourcing or supplier management programs, and to generate savings reports.
  • You can use as source data in "Main Fact" the Savings Allocations details.
  • There are several saving forms along with Sourcing Requests, Sourcing Projects, and Contract Workspaces.

Ariba Strategic sourcing pack includes these separate solutions:

  • Strategic Sourcing Suite
  • Sourcing
  • Spend Analysis
  • Contracts
  • Savings Pipeline and Tracking Add-on
  • Discovery for buyers

Savings forms are documents inside sourcing projects that allow buyers to manage their sourcing pipeline and track project savings, including estimated, negotiated, implemented, and actual savings. Savings forms are reportable and searchable.

Savings and pipeline tracking require separate deployment services.