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Please assist.

I am a CLM/SAP user at the company I work for, and only provide support on an operational level to the other users, where I can.

The company uses CLM where SAP provides standard integration by using SAP PI as middleware between CLM and SAP. I really hope this makes sense. 

We recently conducted some testing in QA to upgrade via PI - again I hope this makes sense. 

But it seems like our testing was not of the best, and when the upgrade was done - nothing seems to be working, and cannot seem to find the problem, and I feel very responsible.

The error is a 500 error, it used to just be a delay, giving you an indication that the contract you published from CLM or any changes is lying in a queue, and will be done in due course. 

Now in QA, when creating a new contract - it publishes, you can then make changes and it pulls through to ECC, so creating new agreements the system works perfectly, but when you need to make changes to existing contracts prior to the upgrade it fails completely and the 500 error pop's up, but now its no delay, its just not publishing at all.

Before the upgrade CLM worked perfectly, except for having a slow response time and 500 error which eventually did make changes in ECC, CLM worked perfectly.

Are we missing something, please advise as soon as possible.

Thank you

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Hello Heidi,

    So if I understand you correctly, any New Master agreements that are created after the upgrade are going to ECC successfully. The Master agreements that were created/published before the upgrade to PI are failing (giving the 500 error).

PS: I am assuming you have not upgraded the ECC..



1. What PI release did you upgrade from- to?

2. Is the PI content version that you are using the same that was used before the upgrade ?. what is the content version you are using ?

3. If you login to the PI system and use the transaction SXMB_MONI what is the errors you see there for the agreements that are failing to publish..