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SAP Ariba - Strategic Sourcing - Auto-set a due date for RFP response

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SAP Ariba - Strategic Sourcing - Auto-set a due date for RFP response, based on the RFP release date:

Is there is a way to configure Ariba system to auto-set a due date for the suppliers to submit their bids to an RFP, and this due date to be auto-calculated according to a predefined configuration on Ariba system (for example: 5 days from RFP publishing date)?

In other words, [the due date for the supplier to submit a bid on an open RFP = RFP publishing date + 5 working days]. in this case, the configuration value will be 5 working days.

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Hi Eslam,

You should be able to configure this at the Project Template level. The template has a task where the Due Date may be set to a different value:

  1. Go to the Sourcing Project Template > Select the Tasks tab
  2. Click the arrow next to the first Phase this will display the tasks within the Phase
  3. Search for the task where the Due Date is currently set

Once you find the Task you can edit this task's Due Date field:

  1. Go to the Overview tab > Actions click New Version
  2. Go to the Tasks tab
  3. Click the [Task's name] > Edit Task
  4. Go to Due Date

Here you have the option to change the Due Date to Days after parent phase starts or Start Date of Parent Phase. If you select Days after parent phase starts, the Due Date will be that many days after the date the Sourcing Project was Imported or started.

If you want the Due Date connected to another field's date:

  1. Go to Start Date of Parent Phase > Click Select Date Field
  2. Click the arrow next to Sourcing Project
  3. Choose a date field by clicking Select

This will tie the Due Date to one of the Sourcing Project Date fields .The Due Date field displayed in the Sourcing Project Overview tab, comes from the Task from any Phase with the furthest Due Date. This is regardless of whether or not the Task is required.

Hopefully this works for your needs.