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SAP Ariba Integration

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Hi Experts

I have a requirement whereby SAP Ariba (Sourcing) need to connect with another cloud based 3rd party (Web) application.

When a sourcing event RFx is triggered to a supplier, there should be an underlying link (embedded in the sourcing event) by clicking the link it should allow the suppliers to sign in to the 3 party application and eventually allows to maintain the cost/pricing details.

Later the cost/price details from the 3rd party application shall flow to SAP Ariba.

Have anyone enabled such interface between SAP Ariba and another 3rd Party application ? What are the API's are used ? can you share some links/insights.



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what is the purpose of the 3rd party app? is it to store only the cost/pricing details? or does it have a computation that only the 3rd party app can provide?

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Check this link:

This is the event management API, with this you can extract information from the sourcing event, and later also you can update data of the event. I don't know why you want to put the cost/price information in another third party tool when you can add this information directly into the event, but maybe we need more information about your requirement.


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Or, are you stating that with the Sourcing req from Ariba, you would like to add a link to the 3rd party login, that means you have to ask for Ariba to add custom link OR, set it yourself in the Sourcing email being sent.. You should be able to add the link in your request.. maybe check AN rules as well..