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SAP Ariba Integration - APIs with Filter


We are integrating Ariba system to our application to show all the pending approval tasks from Ariba for specific 24 workflows e.g. Award RFP, Supplier Registration etc. To achieve that currently we are using 'api/sourcing-approval/v2/prod/pendingApprovables' to fetch all the pending workitems and calling another api '/api/sourcing-approval/v2/prod/Task/{uniqueName}?realm=' to get the tasks under the workitems.

For pendingApprovable API we are getting only 100 records per page and after that we have filters of offset and limit to fetch the next set of records.

Issue 1: Is there a way to filter the 1st API by the specific Workflow IDs else we have to fetch all workflows in the system and then filter that list for just the 24 that I need, which is taking a lot of time? We didn't see any option of filters, etc.

Issue 2: Is there a way to improve the pagination by increasing the number of records? e.g., in our prod system, we have 60,000 pages of 100 records each that is returned and then I need to filter those relevant for the 24 workflows.

Do we have any such filter available in pendingApprovable API to reduce the records in the API fetch or is there any other API to fetch the pending approval request or tasks from Ariba. As it's a normal REST API, filters are not being supported - any OData available for the same or other options?

Issue 3: Is there a provision that the API can support filter on created time of task or last modified time of tasks to reduce the records in the API fetch so that I can say fetch records updated in last 5 mins, instead of complete fetch.

Reference of API used :

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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You can 'filter' the returned results by using details other than the header-level information. I'm not sure if that will get you exactly what you want, but you can use $select query parameter and $filter parameter

Hope this helps! 

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Is it possible to select the date and time of creation or change to resolve Issue 3 reported above? I'm using the Document Approval API: