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SAP Ariba cycle time

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Hello everyone,

I am using SAP Ariba and I would like to extract a report by which I would be able to track the approval time taken on each stage.

For example, User created a Purchase requisition and then someone approved it and it took 3 days to approve it and then 4 days to process the purchase order and 7 days after that.

I would like to track the time taken on each steps, how can I do it?

Current Scenario

By using analytical reporting I am able to have "Total Approval Time" of purchase requisition and that in seconds and I would have to calculate cycle time in days by using formula afterwards. It gives me the total time after completion of PR, but I would like to see the timeline on each approval stage.

I would be really thankful to all of you if you could help me out here.

Thanks in Advance

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hello Moiz,

Thank you for visiting SAP Community to get answers to your questions. Since you're asking a question here for the first time, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with, as it provides tips for preparing questions that draw responses from our members.

Feel free to take our Q&A tutorial at as well, as that will also help you when preparing questions for the community.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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 That is a system design, so no way to currently change it. You could submit an enhancement request, however. 

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Dear expert, Is approval time still calculated in seconds only? Thank you.