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Remove Automatic Approval for process controlled workflow in Quality system

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I think accidentally we activated the customization for Automatic approval so all our documents are getting auto approved.

we have defined the process levels but not getting triggered.

Please suggest how can we direct our system to use our process level schema defined and not the auto approval. Thanks

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Thanks for your answer.

we already have configured event Schema and defined multiple process levels, everything was working fine until we refreshed our Quality system.


Basically unknowingly our BASIS guy activated - The sample BC Sets for Process level definition for all the documents

/SAPSRM/C_PO_600_000_SP04 (Purchase Order Without Approval)

after that everything is going in automatic approval and m not sure how we can deactivate it.

I tried to activate /SAPSRM/C_PO_600_001_SP04(Purchase Order with One-Level Manager Approval) also but now the document is going for only one approval level i.e Manager level but we have multilevel approval level.

Please advise. Thanks


Do you have a custom workflow schema which was overwritten by the standard?

If so, you just need to enter your custom Process Schema Evaluation ID. This can be done on the SPRO configuration displayed by you on the picture. Firstly select the BUS type, then on the left-hand side menu navigate to the Process Schema Evaluation. There enter the ID and by doing so the configured workflow schema should be configured.

Best Regards


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it was solved and Yes that was the issue. Marking it correct so someone else can benefit from it. Thanks

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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you may configure your own event schema via transaction /sapsrm/wf_process. You may define multiple approval levels in your own defined schema, and set the schema to be used in the rules for evaluation id. Below is one example