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Relation between GRN and Invoice Number

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Please let me know how to estabilish the link between between GRN and Invoice Number in SRM.We need this to develop ABAP report in SRM.

I wanrt the link between GR and Invoice number generated in MM



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By GR you mean Goods Receipt.There is no Idoc for this process.SRM uses XML format for Confirmation which is equivalent to Goods confirmation process in ERP system.

GR Idoc - You can try WE09. Give the message type and all the details that you have. you will get the Idoc number.

If you are in position to tell what is your exact requirement with table in SRM system,i should be in position to help.

There is a transaction called BBP_PD using which you can get the required table.

Just go to this transaction in SRM EASY Access Menu.

Select Object Type as (Take F4 Help here)

for confirmation ,object type = BUS2203.

You will get an interactive list and you can browse the list and in the last node ,you will get some table names which may be helpful.

If you have the PO# you can use the FM BBP_PD_CONF_GETLIST with the parameter I_FOR_PO_ID, this will return a E_PDLIST table with the GR numbers related to the PO that you used as input.

Useful related pointers ->

Do let me know.


- Atul