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R/3 System Refresh

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Hi All,

We are planning to do a sytem refresh for the R/3 system, and at this time we are not doing any refresh in the case of SRM.

I do understand that SAP recommends to refresh both the systems, so that Mat GUID's are in synch. I have a good understanding of the tasks that needed to be performed before and after the Refresh. I have looked at the concerned SAP Note. Can some one please throw some light on what could be the implications if we dont refresh SRM along side R/3.Also list out the tasks to be performed more in detail.

Thanks in Advance


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Krishna,

you don't have to refresh both backend and SRM system in the same time, but you need to take care. The reworks after the client refresh depends on "how good" is your referent client where you copy the data from (it depends whether you need to recreate the org structure etc).

The main steps are:

- SM04 log of users system wide (beside of the administrator)

- copy the backend relevant current number stand from number ranges customizing (PO, PR, RS, CTR)

- start the copy in the SCCL

- check in the SCC3 the status

when it's finished:

- activate the application monitor in the SPRO under "Start application monitors"

- maintain the standard settings for SAP business workflow in the SPRO under:

SAP Business workflow -> Maintain Standard settings for SAP Business Workflow

If possible all of the enrtries should be green.

- Schedule the jobs BBP_GET_STATUS2 and CLEAN_REQREQ_UP

- Adjust the number ranges (paste the current number stand (otherwise you will get insert duprec error when creating SCs with backend reference)

- Regenerate the roles under PFCG -> Menu: Utilities -> Mass generation -> Roles with Non-current Profiles -> F8 -> Generate roles -> Online

- Recreate the product categories in the customizing (cause: GIUDs of the prod. categories may differ)

Please check also the note 995771.



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