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Hi , We have the below scenario from the business has anyone dealt with this beofre in SRM 7

Scenario 1

- PO is raised

- Invoice is received for payment

- Person who raised the PO is not available (on unexpected long leave)

- The PO needs to be increased

- How do we change the owner of the PO?

We see this being a frequent issue which needs a process in place to correct as quickly as possible to ensure vendors payments are not held up.

Please advice.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Saj,

Why do we need to wait for the PO creator to increase the PO value in terms of quantity or price? The other buyers belonging to the same purchasing group should be able to do that.

Secondly, even without increasing the PO value, you can go ahead with invoice payment to vendor. The invoice will raise an exception due to the difference. The exception can be manually accepted with an brief explanation of the acceptance and payment can be made to the vendor.

Thanks and regards,


Ranjan Sutradhar

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Hi Ranjan, Thanks for the prompt reply. My concern is how will you control the ownership of Po(changing owners) I know there is FM to this. However if this can be controlled by security role what role and modication need to be done.

1. example central confirmation role - can be modified to centrally confirm PO's only for certain PO's based on pgrp

2. Team purchasing function.- However I read that this will not work if the person has not been added to the team intially

also I can use the SOBO function.

Please advise.


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