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Question Regarding CLM 9 / ECC Integration

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Hello Experts,

I have one question regarding the CLM / ECC Integration.

I was reading the Integration Guide and in the business scenarios i will need just the last one:  SAP Sourcing Master Agreement to SAP ERP Outline Agreement.

How do I know what steps are not included??

There are some steps that says: Skip this section if you are not implementing RFx scenarios. Anyways there are some steps that don't have that legend and are relatedo to RFx, to creating purchasing Orders in the ECC...

There are some processes that i won't use, unless a PO can be created from a Master Agreement created in CLM.

How can i know what steps to perform and the ones that are not necessary?

Thank you for your answers.


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Hi Sebastian,

There are some basic configurations that applies to all scenarios listed in the "Basic Configuration of Integrated Systems" section of the guide. Since you are interested in MA to OA scenario, you would need section 4 "Master Data Integration" as well. I would then go to section 5.1 "Business Process Integration". Within each sub section (5.1.x) you should see a note that tells which scenarios it applies to. I checked the guide and noticed that for 5.1.4 "Verify Price Conditions in SAP Sourcing" and  5.1.5 "Create Text IDs for SAP ERP" it doesn’t say which scenarios it applies to. In your case, you would need 5.1.4 and 5.1.5.

Once you have completed 5.1 and 5.2, you can directly go to section 5.6 Configure SAP Sourcing Agreement to SAP ERP Outline Agreement.

Hope this helps.