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Query on some differences?

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Hi Friends. What are the differences of :

single envelope bidding process vs double cover double envelope system;pdp with direct procurement and pdp with demand planning; contract mgmt and contract life cycle mgmt;its and portal;plugin and adaptor

Thanks a lot in advance



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Two Envelope bID:-

The two envelope response process allows for an RFx that separates the supplier technical quote from the price quote for separate evaluation by the purchasing organization.

The two envelope process allows a supplier to create technical response separate from a price response.

This multi-party verification process allows for a timed opening of the technical response and the price response by designated openers.

A two envelope process allows for the separation of the technical response

from the price by using collaboration folders accessible only by designated

individuals in the purchasing and evaluation groups.

A two envelope process also allows a supplier to create a technical

response separate from its price response.

The multi-party verification process ensures that responses are not

accessed nor opened before their designated opening times, and can help

in the prevention of fraud in the competitive evaluation.



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Hi Friends

In short what is the diff between PDP with direct procurement and PDP with demand planning.

In short what is diff between Contract mgmt and contract life cycle mgmt. are they one and the same.



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1. A one envelope approach contains both the technical and financial proposal in a single envelope, while a two envelope approach requires the technical bid and financial bid in separate envelopes. The two-envelope approach means that the technical bid is opened and evaluated first, before the financial bid is opened. The advantage is that the evaluation cannot be influenced by the price of the bidder

2. For PDP scenarios go through the below link

3. contract management

4. ITS acts as a gate way between the webserve and sap system , translates the dialog steps in to html

EP is a user interface, it provides much more functionality like Document management / content management system,SSO to other SAP applications (or 3rd party applications which are able to handle SAP Logon Tickets) Role based navigation and permission system

5 . Data transfer happend in SRM system through CRM middleware, Middleware is a set of programs that exist partly in the Enterprise Buyer System and partly in the SAP back end plug-in.

Middleware Plug Ins in the back end system act as counterpart to the Back End-Adapter in Enterprise Buyer