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Query on Middleware?

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hi Friends

what is the need of object DNL_CUST_PROD0(Material Number conversions) & what is the diff bet replicating master data from backend via Middleware and COMMPR01,COMM_HIERARCHY



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The product categories are replicated from SAP backend system using the Load objects DNL_CUST_PROD0 and DNL_CUST_PROD1.

Middleware is a set of programs required for replicating master data from R/3 backend system to SRM system.All the materials which are replicated from backend R/3 system to SRM system can be seen in transaction COMMPR01.Alternatively,you can also create local products in SRM using the same transaction.

Similarly to see all the replicated hierachies,you can go to transaction COMM_HIERARCHY.With initial download of DNL_CUST_PROD1, SRM creates 2 new hierarchies:

- R3MATCLASS for material groups/product categoris

- R3PRODHIER for material/service types.

The system assign each of them to purchasing & product applications.

For detail explaination on replicating hierarchies,see foll thread: