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Queries regarding Supplier Self Registration

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Hi Experts,

I am working on my first E-Sourcing implementation and based on the customer requirements, there are a quite a few points on which I would appreciate getting help/inputs/suggestion regarding Supplier Self Registration process.

  1. Can a buyer trigger an invitation mail to a specific email ID(of a vendor) with self service registration URL and instructions?
  2. The URL in the above step(1) should have a token/identifier that can ensure that the Supplier registers using this URL only once and no repetitive registration for the same supplier (email ID mentioned in step 1) should be allowed.
  3. Once the supplier registers, is there a way to intimate (notify) the approver via email?
  4. What is the standard logic on which the user name of the supplier is created in the system? Can it be customized? If yes, how?



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Hi Tejas,

SAP Sourcing provides 5 supplier self registration URLs:






These can be sent by the buyer to different suppliers (specific email id's) or even provided on a buyer website, where the supplier can come in and register.

There is a manual way for the buyer to ensure that the supplier with the same email id is not registering twice. There is no automated way, but probably can be achieved through custom scripting. After the supplier registers, the supplier is seen in the Supplier registration list provided the user has the correct authorization rights.

The Supplier is identified by the External ID and this can be confiigured using scripting or standard Supplier numbering range table.

Hope it helps.