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qFRC Outbound Queue error "No mapping function module entered in SMOFSUBTAB"

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When I Checked the queue in SMQ1 in the ERP system, I found 3 different system errors but going to start with the error “No mapping function module entered in SMOFSUBTAB”.  The status on this is SYSFAIL with a date of 11/11/2011 and next date 07/23/2012.  It has 80,338 entries.  Once I go into this queue a little farther it appears the majority of the statuses from what I can see have a Transaction recorded. 

I went looking for this error and found some notes that stated I should check table CRMSUBTAB but it is dealing with CRM and CRM objects and this is for SRM.

Application: SRM


Function module: BAPI_CRM_SAVE

SMQ1 has about 80,000 entries on this Queue name and I am wondering if there is a program to remove all these entries once it has completed its task or why does it keep the entries?  In the past if we get to many entries in this tcode (SMQ1), it causes issues for other systems that are interfaced between ERP and CRM to not work correctly.  I am wondering how to keep this clean or do I need to keep these entries or can they somehow be deleted.  What is the purpose of keeping them?



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Hi Lisa,

Please look into the following notes and make sure you have
set your SRM and ECC correctly:

720819    Middleware consumer entry for SRM in OLTP system
872533    FAQ: Middleware

Can you also check note 1553940 within your system:

1553940 First checks to Material and Product Category transfer errors

Also please check these CRM notes:

906110 There are no entries in the SMOFSUBTAB table
431996 Corrections after installation of/upgrade to CRM3.0
429423 CRM Release: General analysis of the initial Load

I hope this will help with this issue.

Kind Regards,


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Please follow below steps in ERP system.

1.  Go to SM30

2. Maintain below entry in table name CRMRFCPAR

User: SRM consumer name ( eg: SRM)

Object Name: VENDOR_MAIN

Destination: <Rfc Destination of SRM system>

Load Type: Delta

Queue Name: blank



Data Rcd Inactive: blank

Discard Data: CHECK

InQueue Flag: X



Rakesh Naragoni