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Q: Early Watch Alert -

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Good afternoon

Since february 2016 I've been employed as a very junior sap support person,I have 5-6 years experience as a database administrator (SQL Server) and had for february little to no experience with SAP (I did as dba sometimes perform maintenance tasks on SAP databases)

Now along my tasks is a monthly analysis of the EWA reports of our clients.

FOr 1 client I'm having an issue which I can't make heads or tails from and where I rather not jump into anything rash.

This client has multiple systems/instances/enviroments to check.

But for 1 such system I see the error "Data for session is overdue/not arrived"

Last month we had the same issue but resolved that, now what was done to resolve last time,seem to no longer work.

The connection test for the abap connection SM_SMPCLNT100_BACK is succesfull.

As far as I can tell the settings are the same in the system as in 1 that worked.

In sdccn the tasks for EWA are succefull and look ok to me.

Antone that can give me some pointers of what steps I can/have to take in order to find out the cause and how to resolve it.

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Please show me the picture of the specific alert from EWA report. Meanwhile please also show me the suggestion from EWA report about this alert.