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Purchase order response(POR) in SRM

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Hello SRM Experts,

We would like to implement Purchase order response(POR) functionality of SRM 5.0. The client requirement is to set POR flag at PO item level, expect POR from the vendor and no GR/IV should be allowed either in SRM or ECC until POR is provided by the vendor.

We have the following questions.

1. If POR flag is set, does it stop GR/IV either in SRM or ECC?

2. When POR is posted in SRM does POR flag is re-set in SRM?

3. When POR is created in SRM, does it create any follow-on docs in ECC.

Looking forward to hear from you all soon.



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Hi Sasikala.

Referring to your questions:

PO Response is just an acknowledgement document by the vendor to state that he is in agreement with the conditions set in the Purchase Order.

1) No GR/IV will not be stopped in SRM or ECC. If the client wants it that ways then I believe custom code needs to be written.

2) No...reason being you can create as many PO Responses as want for a given PO...the latest will be active and all the responses created before that are obsolete.

3) No follow on documents are created in ECC while creation of PO Response as after the PO Response changes are accepted in PO, only then the PO is replicated to ECC again with change version.