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Product category favorites list

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SRM SERVER 550 Level 14.

Hello all,

The users want their product favorites list to have the last 15 categories.

I found out that by manually adding entries to BBP_CATEGORY_FAV I can increase the number of entries shown in the drop down list for product categories.

There's also an option for product category for the users in their own settings.

My question is is there an option for mass changing this for approximately 300 user?

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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Hi Rob,

There are few ways to achieve this.

all data element like Unit of measure,product category ,currency are populated using favourite function module.

There are two BADI,Read documentation of these two BADI's



In these BADI,you have a table ET_CATEGORY_FAVOURITES

Populate these tables with favorite list and pass EV_X_FAV_PROCESSED as X.

You will get your favourite list in F4 Help.

This is applicable to all data elements.

To maintain this kind of list you have to pupulate the User favourite list in some table and based on that you have to plan pupulation on internal table.

Another simple way to do that ,which I have not tested and it require SAP core code modification.

You can see in SE38 transaction In include ,LBBP_HELP_ATTRTOP,there is a data declaration and based on this all data element like...product,UOM,Currency etc creats 5 favorite list...

So increase this number to 15 this will solve issue...

This may require access key generation and further maintaience issues while upgrade..

  • number of favourites per data element



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Thanks Nishant for your elaborate explanation,

I knew about the F4-badis, I just found out that by adding entries in this table I could achieve this requirement without custom enhancements.

I'll have a look into the SAP standard modifcation, the risk is extremely low and maybe the users want it at other places as well.

Cheers, Rob.