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Process Level Config in SRM 7.0 workflow

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I am implementing Process-controlled workflow in SRM 7.0 for the first time. We have identified some 5 levels of approver depending on the total shopping Cart value.

1. >= $XXX; Product Category manager (based on UNSPSC code at item level)

2. >= $x,xxx: Line manager

3. >= $xx,xxx; Cost Center manager (based on cost center)

and so on ..

As per my understanding,

First we need to create following Filter values for RESP_RESOLVER_NAME:




Then, based on these filter the following BAdi implementations will be called to get responsible approver list:




and the process level may have the following entries for BUS2121, Zevalution ID & Zprocess schema:

Level # Level Type Evaluation ID Responsibility Resolver Name Task ID Decision Type

100 Approval ZEV_SC_001 ZSC_PRODUCTCAT_MANAGER 40007953 4

150 Approval ZEV_SC_002 RR_MANAGER 40007953 4

200 Approval ZEV_SC_003 ZSC_COSTCTR_MANAGER 40007953 4

999 automatic

Create the custom events & expressions:

Evaluation ID Expression SAP formula builder

ZEV_SC_001 ZE_SC_LEVEL_001 Total Shopping Cart value exceeds $ XXX

ZEV_SC_002 ZE_SC_LEVEL_002 Total Shopping Cart value exceeds $ X,XXX

ZEV_SC_003 ZE_SC_LEVEL_003 Total Shopping Cart value exceeds $ XX,XXX


Am I going in the correct way..or

Can we do it using SAP standard events, expressions or spending limit approver badi implementation with only one process level for RR_SPENDING_LIMIT_APPROVER, using some custom tables for Product Cat manger/Cost Center manager list.



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Hi all,

I have a client requirement like below,

A PO is in ordered status and if some one chages the PO value and if the changed value is more than 1000 Euros then the PO has to go through the approval process else it should go for an automatic approval.

Can any of you please guide me how to acheive this functionality.

Just for reference I am giving some details :

I have created an Eval Id (ZEVAL, this is the event), and this event linked to a expression(ZDET_SCHEMA: Function module for determining the schema), and I have 2 process levels for the schema

1 Level will have folowing details:

Level # Level Type Evaluation ID Responsibility Resolver Name Task ID Decision Type

100 Approval ZE_PO_EXE ZE_PO_APP 40007953 4

and the evalutio id ZE_PO_EXE points to an expression(ZDET_PO_CALC Function module) ZDET_PO_CALC Function module will have the actual manipulation for calculating the price change and passes a result 'X' or space , if 'X' level 100 will get excecuted else level 2 will be executed.

2 Level will have an automatic approval

But some how this is not working as per the requirement.

Any info will be highly apreciated.

Thanks in advance


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This is very simple.. Review my answer and code samples in the following form..



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Your going in a right direction..

I have configured 8 process levels for SC and used almost all options offered by SRM 7 for business object BUS2121.. On my experience I can say use of standard SAP offered is purely based on your business requirements..

Let me know if you need more assistance..



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Thanks Bharath for your reply.

I am a bit confused about the standard BRF events & expressions that can be used in our case. Can you plz let me know the standards you have used; and also help me with what my approach should be to configure the process levels.



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Hi ,

You can see the list of events in t.code brfevt03 or BRF itself.



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I didn't use any standard stuff for my configuration, since the business requirement is too complex.. Also you can Use T-Code BRF to review all the SAP delivered Events and expressions as Saravanan suggested..