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Problem in LSMW backgound Execution

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my LSMW is working properly in foreground.But it's giving error in back ground.I tested several times.Actually i added two screen fields in the existed recording.In the foreground it's giving info like field RPIPM-SZAEH doesn't exist in the screen SAPLIWP3 201.This is the screen field i added after recording.But i added in the screen SAPLIWP3 201.and one more information it's giving is Cursor field RMIPM-zeit doesn't exist in the screen.actually i did recording with this field , later i deleted this field.What i have to do to solve this problem.In error screen mode also it's showing this two informations, but the record is going to upload successfully.only it's giving error in back ground mode.

Thanks in Advance,


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Hi Avinash!

Have a look into field list of LSMW. There you will find a line BDC_CURSOR RMIPM-zeit. Delete this line or replace the field with an existing one. During recording, your cursor was placed in a now deleted field - so you have to adjust also this place.

In foreground you stop at an error, but cursor is automatically replaced to an other field - so you can save your entry without further changes. In background obviously first error (not existing field) stops execution.

Second error I can't analyze: you mentioned both times SAPLIWP3 201. Maybe you have to use a different subscreen. You can also create a second recording with just this field -> then you can see and copy correct field names and place in your first (big) recording.



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Hi ,

Data upload using recording method requires that the BDC recording should not incur any error messages while recording. If that happens in most cases the LSMW stops there i.e. after this error messages the fields donot get populated properly.

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in Background mode what is the user id being used.

May be the screen fields get hidden for this user id.

check the user group parameter for this id.