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Problem in Doc Change BADI-Create a new SC by using Copy from existing SC

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Hey SRM experts.,

We have upgraded to SRM 5.0 from SRM 3.0 in Oct-07.

We are using classic scenario.

We have a requirement to convert Preferred vendor to Fixed vendor if total value of SC is less than the value defined in the custom table and SC has the same purchasing org and company code defined in the custom table.

It is working fine when I create a new SC but when I copy the new SC from the existing SC and change the value of the SC (Value of the SC will be greater than the value defined in the custom table) and click on the SOS tab, I get an error: “Partner Function may not be Changed” and it exits me to main shopping cart screen.

Note-962474 is already applied in the system.

Does anyone encountered this problem?

Points will be rewarded for helpful answers.

Thanks in advance!


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Answers (2)

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Thanks for your reply. I will try your suggestion and see what happens...


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If you use a former SC, you have two cases :

Case 1 : your old SC does have a fixed vendor and if you copy it, you already have a fixed vendor in your new SC.

Your badi cannot do anything except if you first move from fixed to preferred vendor field before you begin your IF statement.

Case 2 : your old SC does have a preferred vendor : your badi should work

Kind regards,