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PO still in Approval Status (Urgent)

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Hi All,

I am working on extended classic scenrio.

I ordered a shopping cart which has the status approved and follow on document were created in this case it is a local PO(contract release order)

when I checked the local PO, I found that this PO is in approval state also a copy of this PO exist in the backend system.When I tried to change this PO I get the warning message that "Document is still being processed in the background,try again later".

I tried several times at regaular interval but again it gave the same warning message.

I also checked the two reports clean_reqreq_up and bbp_get_status_2 and I found that some of the entries are missing beacause I created this PO around 2pm and the entries were available in the two report from 10 pm.

I think something might have gone wrong there but I am not having a log of that.

I am on SRM version BBPCRM 4.0 SAPKU40007

R/3 version 4.6 C SAPKH46C47



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Raj,

the message "Document is still being processed in the background,try again later" is raised because your PO is blocked in a Workflow lock.

With the PO GUID, look in table BBP_WFLOCK.

You should find an entry.

From this entry, check the status of the linked tRFC with FM STATUS_OF_BACKGROUNDTASK = f(tid).

You can also check in <b>SM58</b> if you have a transactional RFC hanging on --> you should start with this check.

Your PO can also be blocked by a running WF (you can check it with FM BBP_PDH_WFL_CHECK_WF_BUSY.



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Hi Cristophe,

I checked the table BBP_WFLOCK and could not find any entry.

However in transactional RFC I could see an entry for this user XXXX and tried to delete this entry but I am not able to do so,below are the details observed in SM58

SWW_WI_EXECUTE_INTERNAL_RFC is the Function module.

WORKFLOW_LOCA is the target system.

Error in the module RSQL accessing the database is the status text.

Also I checked the FM BBP_PDH_WFL_CHECK_WF_BUSY but did not find any error.

One thing I would like to mention is that in BBP_PD the workflow status is completed for the PO but only in the web browser it is showing the status Awaiting Approval.

Again I tried to change the PO but again I received the same warning error "Document is still being processed in the background,try again later".



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Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Raj,

Please check timestamp of the error entry in SM58 and find some information around the error time in ST22 or SM21.

After you fix the source errors, Edit->Execute LUW in SM58.



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