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PO send to R/3

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how the PO, confirmation and Invocie that is created in SRM are replicated to R/3 system..

is there any standard program or FM available..

then, one more thing..if i have some custom fields available in SRM PO ..hw i map this custom field to R/3 Custom field..

throw me some lights...

thx in advance..

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The SRM P.O is replicated to R/3 through RFC call.

The Confirmation and invoice are replicated to R/3 through IDOCs.

However based on the scenario used i.e in case of Extended Classic Scenario leading P.O is in SRM and the display is available in R/3.

In case of classic scenario leading P.O is in R/3 and only the status gets updated in SRM.

Confirmation and invoice can be done in any of the systems.

The mapping for the custom fields can be done using the help of custom field BADIs.

BBP_CUF_BADI can be used for mapping the customer fields.

Hope this makes you more clear.

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Can you please share light on what RFC call is used to transmit PO from SRM to R/3 ?

Any inputs would be highly appreciated.


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Hi there,

If you have an SRM PO you can transfer it over to the backend using Function Module BBP_PD_PO_TRANSFER_EXEC.

You will need to PO GUID.

If you want to check for any backend errors, run this FM in debug mode.

Set breakpoint at Meta_dpo_transfer,

F5 into function CALL FUNCTION call_function

go all the way down to


Inside this will be the BAPI call, BAPI_PO_CREATE1, inside this you are in the backend.

Hope this helps,



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I have created a new document type for service orders and this Function module BBP_PD_PO_TRANSFER_EXEC is not AUTOMATICALLY called to send the PO from SRM to R/3.

For other document type the PO is automatically send to R/3. Any idea on how to automate this for new doucment type. Does this document type type need to be included in the functional module or any configuration needs to be maintained for this..

Any input would be appreciated.